Solution when going to bed with horny mom

Solution when going to bed with horny mom

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First Night – What’s the matter, baby? It is currently really late at night. I’m sorry you had a bad dream, but you really should attempt to get some sleep. Stepmom and Daddy share a bedroom, therefore I can’t sleep in yours, sorry, baby. Just try to get some sleep, honey; it’ll pass. There’s nothing I can do about that. It’s all right, I’ll teach you how to do it this one time, but we can’t talk about it…

Second Night – Oh, no, honey… Mama has been up all night. I refuse to listen to it. Last night, I demonstrated how to proceed. DIY is possible in this case… I’ll hang around for a second to make sure you’ve got it down pat… The situation is becoming ridiculous, sweetie. We need to go quickly, but I can put it in my mouth for a moment.

Third Night – No longer can we… Your dad is coming to find us, and you should probably learn how to do this on your own. This is the last time I’m going to aid you, seriously. In a word, yes. I think I’ll switch tactics now. This should be helpful, but don’t tell anyone our little secret….

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