StepDaughter x StepFather – The Recognition You Deserve

StepDaughter x StepFather – The Recognition You Deserve

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Claire (Arietta Adams) is surprised when her stepfather Gavin (Ryan Driller) comes home early from a gala where he received an award. Not only is he home early, but his wife Tara (Audrey Madison) is nowhere to be seen. Gavin grumpily recounts how Tara ruined the whole evening by getting so upset that he decided to leave out of sheer embarrassment. The gala was supposed to be about him, but of course Tara wouldn’t let that happen. She stopped to buy jewelry on the way there, making them late, and even handed out business cards to all of Gavin’s colleagues. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she demanded to leave the event early. Gavin just couldn’tdo that – why would he leave an event that honors him before everyone else? That’s extremely disrespectful. But Tara wouldn’t listen. She threw a tantrum and stormed out in front of everyone, leaving Gavin alone and bitter.

Tara is stunned by what she heard. Although Tara is her biological parent, Claire has always despised how she treats Gavin. He’s a kind, intelligent and loving man and deserves more respect than he gets from Tara. Suddenly, Claire seems to have an idea. Why don’t they have a ‘mini-gala’ at home and celebrate all of Gavin’s accomplishments together? She knows hanging out with his stepdaughter isn’t as cool as being presented at a prestigious gala, but hopefully they can have a little fun and make Gavin’s night as special as it could have been. They go over various ‘rituals’ that would have been customary at the gala, such as giving a ‘toast’ to Gavin and even doing a slow dance together.

But as they dance, they both become more and more excited, even though they don’t trust themselves. They know it’s wrong, but they can’t ignore the covetous and lustful feelings that arise. Since Gavin and Tara got married, they have become very close, and Claire has grown very fond of Gavin. She looks up to him and finds comfort in his strong, muscular arms. When it becomes clear that they both feel the same way, Claire offers to show Gavin how much she admires him. She takes out his cock and gives him a blowjob, which leads to sex in the entryway. At some point, Tara comes home and interrupts them, but they don’t care. They shoo her away and don’t let it stop the pleasure they’re having together. Tara is upset and leaves heartbroken. Gavin and Claire continue to fuck, with Claire making sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

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