Whos Being Inappropriate S4:E7 – Lilly Bell, Sheena Ryder [TeacherFucksTeens]

Whos Being Inappropriate S4:E7 – Lilly Bell, Sheena Ryder [TeacherFucksTeens]

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Sheena Ryder lent Tyler Nixon and Lilly Bell athletic equipment. Tyler says all girls want the D while returning the equipment with Lilly. Sheena overhears Lilly reject Tyler. She decides to fix Tyler’s attitude. Sheena informs Tyler that men with tiny dicks talk like that when he won’t listen. Sheena tells Tyler to undress. She drags the two students inside, where Tyler pees. Sheena pops out her large boobs and encourages him to keep eye contact as he tells her all girls are hos. Lilly notices Tyler becomes hard.

Sheena tells Tyler that Lilly doesn’t have to be a ho just because she enjoys dick. Respect matters. She then critiques Lilly’s cock sucking and teaches her certain tricks. She shows Lilly how to suck balls and titty fuck. Sheena takes things to the next level when Lilly proves to be a good learner so she can teach her that it’s alright to enjoy her sexuality without being called a ho.

Sheena tells Tyler to sit on the couch and helps Lilly slide down onto his fuck stick till her tight twat is full. Sheena fondles Lilly’s breasts while guiding her on the D. Sheena rides next, thrusting her enormous breasts into Tyler’s face. Tyler gives Lilly another go as she lies on her back in Sheena’s arms. Sheena shows Lilly how to become doggy while eating pussy. Sheena and Lilly suck Tyler until he gives them a massive load that hits both their faces as the carnal lesson ends. Tyler vows to stop degrading women in the aftermath.

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