BadMilfs – Make Me Squirt For Extra Credit

BadMilfs – Make Me Squirt For Extra Credit

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Quinn Wilde visits her professor’s home in the hopes of speaking with her about raising her grade because she needs a better grade in her class. When the innocent student knocks on the door, the curvaceous and seductive professor happily opens the door for her. Quinn is soon persuaded to begin undressing for the professor Alexis Fawx, who is admiring Quinn’s hot body. Quinn is constrictive all over. She has a perfect boob job and a shapely ass! Alexis is very happy with Quinn’s dedication to her happiness. Next, Quinn has to suck her professor’s pussy while lying on the ground. As her student gives her a top-notch labia licking, Alexis groans. She is excused and given the extra credit she sorely needed after dousing Quinn in squirt. Just then, her male partner arrives and inquires as to whether Quinn from next door was there. Yes, it is, and she is one of her students, says Alexis. Why did she make her strip off and lick her pussy, he wonders. Alexis invites Quinn back to make up for the fact that he might not have enough time for fun because he is so intelligent. She gives Quinn the order to undress and turn on her male friend. Quinn is content to comply, and before long she is fucked while bending over. Alexis joins in, and this beefcake starts tossing around the two of them. Pussies are sucked, asses are smacked, and Alexis shoots Quinn in the face with a shot that shoots through the air from her pussy. Finally, the man blows a shared load in an epic three-way on both the student and the teacher.

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