Milking Every Second – Sophia West [Mommy’s Boy]

Milking Every Second – Sophia West [Mommy’s Boy]

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Sophia West and Oliver Davis are bidding farewell to Sophia’s spouse as he heads out to a sporting event. But as soon as he’s gone, Sophia and Oliver grin at each other. It quickly becomes apparent that Sophia and Oliver have been anxiously awaiting some alone time so they may finally have sex with each other once more. They had been forced to suppress their desires ever since Sophia’s husband began working from home. But now that he’s finally left, they’re going to seize the opportunity while it lasts!

They enter Sophia’s bedroom and violently rip off their clothes. Soon after Oliver presses his firm cock into his stepmother’s hot pussy, she begins to swoon in pleasure. They suddenly receive a call from Sophia’s husband though! What is HE seeking? In an effort to prevent her husband from discovering what is happening in his own bed while he is away, Sophia picks up the phone and converses with him while Oliver continues to screw her.

Sophia successfully ends the call, which is fortunate for them. Oliver and Sophia resume up where they left off, happy to be able to focus entirely on one another once more. Since Sophia’s husband is likely to return at some point, they had better make the most of the situation. What better way to capitalize on the occasion than with a cream pie?

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