Panefully Shameless – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

Panefully Shameless – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

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Rachael Cavalli, Ricky Spanish’s stepmom, is busy cleaning the windows from the inside while Ricky Spanish is busy cleaning out the pond in the front yard. But he quickly learns, to his horror, that Rachael is inadvertently flashing her big boobs while she cheerfully cleans!

Ricky gives her a quick momentary stare before attempting to tell her to quit showing off the females, but she doesn’t get the message. Rachael lifts her shirt, embarrassing him even more until she eventually goes completely topless. Ricky rushes inside after that, which is the final straw.

When Ricky enters, he confronts Rachael and discovers that she has been purposefully exposing her breasts to the neighbors so that she can enjoy herself! Rachael quickly persuades Ricky to have fun with her instead after he is startled, embarrassed, and turned on.

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