Mothers Day with Adria Rae and Danica Dillon

Mothers Day with Adria Rae and Danica Dillon

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Adria and her friend make a nice breakfast for her stepmother. After bringing her breakfast to her bedside, Adria runs outside to talk quickly with her stepfather, leaving her friend alone with Danica. Breakfast was great, but she’d also like a back rub. You can not say no to a stepmom on Mother’s Day! He straddles her and starts giving her a good massage. Danica can feel his cock getting hard. Then she makes her last wish, which is for him to put his manly meat right inside her. He does not even flinch before taking it out and sliding it in. I would not either, Danica is a prime piece of ass. He takes her in the doggy position for quite a while before Adria comes back in. Surprisingly, she’s not too pissed. She even starts playing with her pussy right there in the doorway. Danica sees them out of the corner of her eye and invites her to play with them! She immediately starts licking her stepmom’s pussy, showing how much she really loves her. Then both girls take turns sucking their man’s cock and letting his massive wood soak their tight little holes. Both girls share a cum shower, and confirm that this was the best Mother’s Day yet.

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