Perv Mom, Heather Hendrix – Catching up with the Bills

Perv Mom, Heather Hendrix – Catching up with the Bills

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Recently, Heather and her husband have been struggling financially. She turns to her stepson Rion for assistance with money because they haven’t been able to pay their mortgage and a few other bills. Rion is determined to assist them, so Heather proposes a different plan: if he lends them the money, she will carry out any instructions he gives her. Rion agrees to the offer in exchange for his stepmom giving him a private show. Although Heather’s situation is beginning to improve, she still has some payments to make up. Rion is the only person who can assist her, so she has one more plan to persuade him this time around: she will demonstrate the reasons his father got married to her in the first place.

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