StepDaughter And StepMom Fuck BF – Ava Addams, Daisy Summers

StepDaughter And StepMom Fuck BF – Ava Addams, Daisy Summers

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Seth and Daisy are both studying anatomy to obtain their medical licenses. Because of all the many details involved in the human heart’s complex anatomy, they never manage to get it perfect. The heart of a person is an extremely complex engine that pumps blood throughout the body and ensures that the human body is functioning at its best. They were about to give up when Daisy’s stepmom Ava Adams entered and promised to assist them since, while she no longer works as a nurse, she still has a strong recall for how the human body functions. Before becoming Daisy’s stepmother, Ava Adams had a very successful career as a nurse. She offers to help her stepdaughter figure out how to effectively remind them of the heart’s functions and the things it controls, such as the stiff erection and the stimulated clit. However, Ava discovered in her courses that much more than just anatomy was being neglected in their academic pursuits. Ave soon found out that tney also lacked sexual competence. It’s fortunate that step-mom was there to save the day, though. Because they will now learn a lesson that cannot be learned through books. how to properly fuck your stepmother.

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