Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass – Jessica Ryan

Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass – Jessica Ryan

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Cole Church returns home from school and is astonished to see his stepmother Jessica Ryan dressed in lingerie. Cole observes Jessica as she uses her smartphone to make a passionate video call to her spouse, capturing herself masturbating and chatting foul. Cole becomes so enthralled that he begins stroking himself while watching her.

Jessica eventually spots Cole and excuses herself from the phone chat with her husband. She invites Cole to come closer, expressing herself uncomfortably. It turns out that her spouse no longer has sex with her, so phone sex is all they do these days. Cole is taken aback, and Jessica reveals that she misses being fucked by a real cock.

Cole says he can’t put his brain around the concept of a guy no longer desiring sex with Jessica. After all, she’s a lovely lady, and HE would happily fuck her if he could. Jessica gets excited by the prospect and suggests they COULD fuck. It should be alright if they don’t tell anyone, right? Cole kisses her and then lavishes attention on Jessica’s exquisite body, as she so well deserves!

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